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Originally Posted by Goodspike View Post
The title of the thread should be the stock browser is driving you crazy. Don't blame the phone for a bad app. That said, while the S4 hardware is good, many of the Samsung apps are not that good.
Meh ... I don't agree with much of this at all.

If the problem IS with the stock browser, and it turns out that the browser is the issue, Samsung makes the phone. Samsung customizes the stock browser. The stock browser comes with the phone and is the default method of browsing web pages out of the box. So if the problem is the browser, it most certainly can be linked to Samsung / the GS4...

The problem may not be the browser though.

For the OP:
- Does this happen just on Wifi (there are threads about the GS4 Wifi issues)
- Does it happen just on Mobile (LTE, etc).
- Do you have issues with other apps accessing the web at the same time?

I am assuming you have a good signal for mobile and/or Wifi. If so, then it is quite puzzling. I am not sure what to recommend.

Certainly trying other browsers cannot hurt and may definitely help though. Good luck.
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