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Originally Posted by JIMV View Post
You raise a good issue but I am not sure if this is a problem. If one does not store files in Google play file locations, how would Google find your evil files? I have not even opened the Google play app since I have owned the phone. My video and picture files are in files associated with apps called video and photo vault. My music is found in folders I created on the SD card.
So here are the questions...

Do you trust the open source peer review process to actually review everything and find anything untoward?

Do you trust the closed source parts, like Google Play, that have plenty of access to all kinds of stuff?

That's the issue of it being Google-powered and potentially Google-controlled...not that you might also have stuff in the cloud (that one is so much a given that we don't even need to discuss it to know that if they are motivated to they will do whatever they want with it).

Originally Posted by Hadron View Post
Plus it would be the death of the platform if they were to try to go into the device and remove stuff you didn't get from them, and that *would* hurt their bottom line.
...and this is the biggest source of trust that we can have. As long as their hubris does not grow too much, they will continue to know that they risk their success and even their existence (the company, not the individuals) by violating our trust. That leaves them able to get away with some violations but hopefully not too much.
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