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Originally Posted by aholloway21 View Post
Hi all,

Firstly, thanks for any help you can provide!!
Having a nightmare trying to return my HTC one to stock.

Currently bootloader unlocked, s-off/ rooted and running viper rom.
Trying to flash the 02 UK OTA zip to go back to standard (with bootloader locked) and every time I try I get the "FAILED (REMOTE:24 parsing android-info fail)" error message.

I have tried a few things now including flashing stock recovery by itself (didn't work kept getting the red triangle!). Tried using the EU RUU .exe file which didn't work (im guessing because the version (cid??) numbers didn't match).

I really need to get the phone back to stock asap. I'm not a developer but know my way around with a bit of trial and error.

Any ideas???
youre having trouble becasue the OTA file cannot be installed via the bootloader. it must be installed by the correct stock recovery. your stock recovery install did work,as wht you describe is what the stock recovery looks like. holding vol up and power on the triangle! will get you a menu. you can wipe cache,and try to install the OTA file using this menu,but if your main version,cid,mid,firmware,recovery,and some other factors are not correct,the OTA will fail. phones nowadays are doing multiple complex checks to keep us from tinkering with them

your best bet to return to whatever your stock build was,is to find an older ruu thats got the same middle digits:

example,if your stock build was 1.28.401.7 then youd need something else containing the 401.

if you changed mid or cid,change them back to stock. run the ruu,do not install a custom recovery,and wait for the phone to OTA to current.

if no ruu is available,you try restoring it with a nandroid,and the file from the OTA. you could also "restore" it to something like stock european if you cannot find a stock ruu or nandroid.

is your phone booting and working? should be easy to fix since youre s off.
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