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Let me preface this by saying that my office gets fairly poor reception. We don't have WiFi available so I never turn it on. (I find a lot of screenshots and posts about battery life usually have stats where WiFi is on all the time. Personally, I don't find that very helpful when I'm doing research because I know there are many other people in the same situation as myself of not having WiFi available 24/7.)

Both of these tests were done by taking the phone off of the charger at around 7:00am and putting it back on the charger when i got around 20% battery left.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus with extended battery and absolute lowest brightness setting available:
Screen Cap 1
Screen Cap 2
Screen Cap 3

Droid Maxx at roughly 65% brightness:
Screen Cap 1
Screen Cap 2
Screen Cap 3

As you can see, I got an extra 9-1/4 hours usage out of the Maxx compared to the Gnex. I got an extra 2-1/2 hours of screen on time with the Maxx.

Another thing to note - that I sadly don't have a screen cap for - is that on my GNex it spent roughly 40% of its time without a signal due to the poor radios and antennas. With the Maxx, it only spent 10% of its time with no signal.

As with all batteries and usage, YMMV. I would venture to guess that if I had 24/7 access to WiFi and was able to be connected to it that my battery life would improve greatly, but as it is i think that's a pretty huge difference in battery life - for me, at least - in the GNex and Maxx.

the majority of my 8 hour day is spent in an area with little to no 4G reception. i'm assuming the fact that it spends 8 hours searching for a 4G signal is not good for the battery life. tomorrow i plan on turning off 4G while i'm at work to see if there is an improvement in battery life.
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