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There have been three updates to the kernel. I only flashed the latest about an hour ago so it's too early to really say but it seems as smooth and as stable as the others. It was the first time I used the kernels built in ota checker to check for and install an update. This found and downloaded the kernel with no problem but the flash aborted after booting into recovery mode. I have no idea why though as the phone rebooted before I had time to read what it said. A boot straight back into recovery and a manual flash had no such problems. If this version turns out to be as stable and with as good battery life as the rest you won't be getting any complaints from me. The only two things I could fault the previous versions on is that I had a couple of random reboots when undervolting by 100 but then that's my bad as I think the kernels already undervolted. Going to a uv of 50 solved those problems, I may have to try 75 though and see if there's any issues. The other thing is that when listening to music through my bluetooth headphones there would be an occasional stutter. This was caused by the screen off profile so should now be fixed as the latest kernel an option to keep the media mhz separate from the screen off.

Change Log 8.20.2013
1. Update Ramdisk for CM compatibility
2. Linux 3.4.58
3. Linux 3.4.59
4. Added Mhz minimum setting while playing media for people having trouble playing music while screen is off (Option is in Extras Screen)
5. Using official exFat from Samsung source
6. A bunch of re-cleanup on TW version
7. Merged in 4 commits from CM from today 8/15
8. Added abyssplugv2 governor from abyss kernel
9. Merged in all CM updates from last 3 days
10. Linux 3.4.57
11. KTweaker: Added option to re-download when you have the current version when manually checking for update
12. Ramdisk updates

Change Log 8.9.2013
1. KTweaker: Added option to view change log in "Extras->OTA Control" screen
2. KTweaker: Fix issue with external sdcard selection in OTA
3. KTweaker: Couple other clean up things

Change Log 8.7.2013
1. CM sync
1. ASoC: msm: FENS Support for VOIP calls
2. video: msm: Increase video encoding output buffer size
3. msm: display: command mode panel release fence
4. msm: mdp: Change msmfb kworker to kthread
5. msm: mdp: Update sync pt. behaviour
6. msm: rotator: Wait for the pending commits in finish IOCTL
7. msm: kgsl: Wake up gpu on kgsl_ioctl_timestamp_event only if necessary
8. msm: kgsl: Use no GPU fault tolerance flag passed by UMD driver
9. msm: kgsl: Map sync lock variables to every pagetable
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