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Originally Posted by chmod xxx View Post
Well I posted this in the non-member part of the forum but... i don"t think i'll ever receive answer there so here I am, new member


I'm looking for a new phone my old blackberry died. The thing is, since a year of two, I embraced the open-source philosophy and since the last NSA &co event my paranoia increased a little bit... So i don't want buy a device wich allow google and all his little companion to track me.

I know that some custom rom like cyanogen allow those kind of thing, so here is my question does such device exist around a 200 price? Or even better is there possibilities to prevent tracking without flashing the phone? (i wrote better but i really love to "play" with my laptop multiple OS so i guess it'll be the same with my phone)

And other question is, rooting a phone always void the warranty? or does it exist some solution to avoid that? Or some manufacturer who allow it? i mean if i install an other version of windows or linux on my computer it doesn't change anything, is it the case with some phone? "

For my second question I'll answer myself : it seem that the European legislation allow to root the device thanks to work of the free software foundation.

Thanks in advance
You used to be able to defeat this snooping by removing the battery BUT, the 'new and improved' phones, in addition to deleting SD cards, seem to have eliminated the removable battery...I would like an app that would turn off all location data on all apps and keep it turned off till desired.

Paranoid or not, it does seem out Masters want to know all about us all the time, including our location and the phone makers oblige.
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