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Originally Posted by psionandy View Post
sell your phone.. computer, tv, and your other belongings, move into a cave and enjoy your new 1795 lifestyle.. i'm sure you'll love it to bits...
...but of course then you're that weirdo in the cave that everybody's watching in case you attack.

Originally Posted by bjacks12 View Post
It seems to me that everybody I talk to that wants to go back to dumb phones because these smartphones are going to call in a drone to attack them are a bunch of drama queens. Get over yourselves...nobody gives a s*** about what you post on Facebook or Twitter.
Yes and no. To accept constant surveillance easily is to give up all freedom. We can't get away from it but by god we don't have to lay back and take it quietly.

Originally Posted by chanchan05 View Post
Honestly, since I'm not doing anything wrong, i couldn't care less if they know what i had for lunch or where.

Heck if they were spying on me that hard I'd be calling them all the time and asking them about stuff I lost.
Can't find it now but there was a comic recently with a guy who forgot to bring his lunch to work, then the NSA handed him some lunch. So instead I give you this:

Originally Posted by bbradf44 View Post
If your really worried about what's installed on your phone, root and get titanium backup, itl show everything on your phone hidden or not. I use hide it pro for stuff like Facebook and kik messenger, just the basic social networking stuff I don't want my brother getting ahold of and messing things up but even those still appear on titanium
Titanium Backup can show you what's installed in Android the Android way. I can hide plenty of linuxey stuff ran from a command line...
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