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Default Review of TaoTronics mobile 900dpi cordless scanner w/lots of pics!!!

This is a review of TaoTronics mobile 900 dpi cordless handheld scanner. TaoTronics® Mobile Scanner Handheld Scanner Document Scanner 900DPI Colour & Mono Handyscan For Document, Photo, Receipts, Books + JPG / PDF Format Selection(Insertion of Micro SD Card) TT-DS001: Electronics

Like most of the people with smartphones, when I'm on a go and need to "save" an image or a text from a magazine or a book - I take a quick snapshot picture. Of course the problem is that to capture a full 8.5"x10" page you need to zoom out or take snapshots of different parts of the page. Often, you can't even get an even focus for the entire page left to right. Trying all those so-called phone camera scanner apps never yielded good results for me. That is why I was really excited to try out a mobile scanner from TaoTronics, and also trying to see how it will integrate with my Note 2.

In it's true mobile fashion, the scanner is very compact being about 10" in length and about 1" x 1" in width/height. With an addition of two AA batteries to power it up, all together it weighted about 7 oz. I know, it's almost weird to think there are gadgets today that use batteries. The advantage of that is as long as you have spares with you - you don't have to worry about how much charge is left. But the most important advantage is that you roll this scanner over a surface you're trying to capture/scan, so additional weight is actually to your benefit in order to keep it balanced when rolling/scanning. Also it comes with a very nice storage bag. The effective scanning area is in 8.5" in width thus it's designed to handle a typical A4 size page, although you are not limited since you can do multiple scans of wider area. The scanning resolution comes in 3 setting of low/mid/high which corresponds to 300/600/900 dpi where you can decide a quality of scan versus the file size. You also get an option to save it as JPG or PDF, great for when you scanning pictures versus text. The beautify of this scanner - you don't need any program to capture jpg or pdf. It has a slot for micro-sd card and everything you scan gets converted and stored automatically on that card, a truly mobile solution!

Scanning process was very easy. Before I started, I had to run calibration scan for white balance (scan a piece of white paper, already included in the package for convenience). Then, all you have to do is to press Scan button, wait for green led to turn on, roll the scanner over the surface, and press Scan button again. After that, image gets saved instantaneously on micro-sd card and you see on LCD screen an incremented counter of saved images. Fast, easy, and very convenient. While running the scan, I got an occasional error led light (red indicator) which suppose to guide you so you don't scan to fasts, etc. But that didn't affect quality of the images - everything turned out to be scanned very nicely with clear details. Once scan is done, you can either take the card out for copying/viewing, or connect the scanner to your laptop through mini-usb port (usb cable is included in the box), or MY FAVORITE option - hook it up to your phone through OTG cable which recognizes the scanner as external usb storage device and view or copy pictures to your phone. The last option was just an icing on the cake which raised the value of this scanner to the next level of mobile portability!!!

Overall, if you find yourself in need to save documents or pictures or receipts or anything else that requires a detailed scanning of documents or magazines or books in width of up to 8.5", and to be able to view and to copy it directly to your smartphone on a go - there is NO better choice than this little portable scanner which you might as well just call "a scanning wand" Also, if you look at any other competitive scanner on the market (I did a search on amazon), you will not be able to find anything with a true cordless portability and 900 dpi resolution in this price range - so it also a really good value!

Here are the pictures.

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