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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
XXXXXX@xxxx $ then you start a command. Got that
CD what's down, a word or the down key? Then hit tab key to autocomplete?

PWD? how and where do you enter that? Sounds like a shortcut abbr. for password.

Sorry to sound so dumb, but I'm one of the people who can read code and see basically what it's doing, but don't understand how to work and write it.

I used to read through the books for programming the old TI. I was looking for educational programs for the brat. If I found one that worked the way I wanted, I'd type it in.
Not to speak for Early, but I'm pretty sure he meant this:
$ cd Down{Tab}
Which will auto complete to:
$ cd Downloads
Pressing enter will change your directory (cd) to Downloads. pwd should now show /home/Zub/Downloads.

So, say you extracted this mysterious file to ~/Downloads (Oh, ~ is a shortcut for the current home directory. Handy!)

So a listing (ls) would reveal something like this:

sudo su
Prompt changes!!
# /home/Zub/Downloads
# cp -r file/ /opt/file
# ls /opt
> file/

So, I think that's kinda clear what it does, if not, I'll try to explain it. That has you list the directory, revealing that the file you want to copy exists in the location you are currently at. Next, we change to the root user. This account is greater than anything and everything. From here, we just double check that we are in the right directory (I want to say sometimes it'll put you in the root users home directory, but I'm not sure about that right now...)

And from there we simply copy the file to the /opt directory and then do a listing to make sure it's there.

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