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Originally Posted by john1975 View Post
nothing to hide...just figured more would side with me.

most of you must be young and silly to not understand the full scope of things.. Too divulged into loving the geekyness of your cell apps to understand it all.

you see advertising companies pay for everything these days...what we search for on the net...where we go (from our cell phones) , who we text , the contents of our emails , and practically everything. As much as people like to feel like those things are secure....they really aren't. In fact a lot of the spyware these days are indirectly from advertising companies as well.

the more $ a person is worth...the more they pay for online information on them.

The mobile apps part is just a small piece of the pie.
Look, im 37 and believe it or not, im far from silly. I dont mind advertisers paying for my ANONYMOUS data in exchange for a service.. and i much prefer targeted ads to lowest common denominator crap.
There seems to be a growing section of Alex Jones disciples with half a brain who enjoy being scared and who consider the people who arent scared to be stupid sheep. Im not a stupid sheep, im just a balanced thinker.
Scared people with half a brain are responsible for a lot of the horrors in this world but im not gona get political.
If you dont like the internet or smartphones.. why are you on a smartphone internet forum seeking approval? Sorry but it seems crazy to me. Like why do conspiracy theorists spend so much time online where their conversations can be so easily monitored?
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