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Originally Posted by damewolf13 View Post
your spouse (or whoever) will probably see that there is no point in this, and move on rather quickly.
Here's what he's hiding...I don't think she's going to move on quickly.

Taken from another thread.

Originally Posted by john1975 View Post
I think it's called Audio Manager now (disguised) .

But still after google searching the last hour, I can't find 1 specific thread that tells you where the hidden folder location is. Some say it's at Vault, or MyVault...others say its at ProgramData. But all these folders are always empty, even when "showing hidden files" is enabled. So how do they do this ?

I'm almost startin to believe our data is hidden on their servers somewhere. thoughts ? Is anybody able to save or get it to work without an internet connection ?

trying to hide my porn collection from my girlfriend...she usually finds everything.
Not cool. I sympathize with his distrust of outside sources knowing everything he's doing....but this, I will not assist with infidelity.
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