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I'm sorta doing the same thing about marketing. So far, except for the few "free" apps I have, I haven't seen any.

I buy the apps, and do leave GPS on as some of my astronomy programs demand it. My Location setting is used by Weatherbug. Since the weather here can vary by altitude in the same zip code, I use it.

I don't use Google's location service.

I don't have social anything on the phone. I can access Flickr, Twitter, but if I do, I disable them immediately after.

I also don't use most of Google's services. I prefer my groups at Yahoo, so no+ or whatever they call it now. I don't need maps, nor do I care about anything in this town. So I don't need that service.

I get mail through a different service. You can use the mail on the phone and set up a POP3 or IMAP account. I have a couple of different accounts with different mail services, and Aquamail gets them all. So will K9 and most of the other good ones.

I also do a lot of stuff on the computer where I can block with a firewall, or a Firefox extension called NoScript. I can turn images off with another extension. Since a lot of ads use the image tag, I don't see them.

I do use MS, Yahoo, Google, Android, Amazon, and won't use any of them entirely.

Read everything you can here - we have a lot of posters that are very knowledgeable and fair. We do have fanboys, but you can take them with a grain of salt.

I used to work with radio commercials, we got every damn trade mag, and I did read them.

Here you also have to deal with carrier bloat. The carriers add programs to whatever phone they are selling. Google does have a vanilla Android phone called the Nexus. I have the S and the 4, both are rooted. The S is running Cyanogen mod. Still looking(mostly for time) on the 4

You might find a used one. I got the S used from Amazon.

I'm not paranoid, just overly cynical and want to be a PITA.
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