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OK, I finally got it. Capitalization bit me. I got in the right folder, finally. I didn't extract FX since it already was.

Installing and Maintaining Firefox ESR in Ubuntu / Linux *-*TuxGarage Close to the Mozilla page.

I finally found some opt files but they were /, /etc, and /var. Just says location file system, no folder. The one marked / is root, but doesn't have a padlock on the folder.

This is the line I can't do
sudo tar -xvjf firefox-10.0.2.tar.bz2 -C /opt - nor will it let me drag or copy and paste. I tried to change this to 17.0.8 and got 10.0.2 anyway.

Found this as to why ESR isn't readily available. There are plenty of us users both Win and Mac that simply don't like the fast release of FX. FX is trying to add social sites and other goodies for those too lazy to learn how to get there via bookmark. To get rid of the crap, you have to find all the files and change them in about:config which is a pain in the butt. ESR is for organizations that only need the security updates, not the damn social. Since FX is trying to compete with Chrome, there seems to be a new version in beta before the previous version is available for download. The bugs aren't always fixed, either.

12.04 - Why is a LTS release not using the Extended Support Version of Thunderbird? - Ask Ubuntu (i'm having the same problem with Tbird.)

I have to check things out for myself to see if I understand the nuances and processes before I blindly type something in. I do this with the phone, too. I apologize if it makes me a PITA.

Once I get this straightened out I intend to print it out and stick it in the Hacks book.
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