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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
I didn't set up any directories. Downloads folder was in the home directory, so I used it.
Seemed like a logical place to put stuff rather than the generic My Documents folder where Windows sticks everything. I did create a downloads folder on Windows.

Then why didn't downloads work on the command until I used D instead of d?
The standard environment variable describing the full path of your home directory is HOME. We access it by using the $ sign, that's the dereferencing operator. I can get to it or use it saying $HOME - or depending on the command, just saying ~ as mentioned earlier.

On my very plain vanilla Ubuntu 12.04, Firefox downloads by default to -


Unlike Windows, you can have a two subdirectories in the same place, one named downloads and the other named Downloads - they'll be as different as a dog and a cat because the os is case sensitive.

Does that answer it? I don't want to answer at cross purposes to the real question, let me know.

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