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HTC is not going anywhere, certainly no where in the next 2 years.

however, if you are concerned, by the phone off contract.

There are many happy users of this device, just google "htc one" and you will see.

in the end, though, no one can tell you what you should do. read the reviews here and stop into a cellular store to evaluate the unit up close and personal. take it for a 14 day test drive once your carrier picks up the device and make the decision on your own.

with all due respect, nothing is obvious. dont believe everything you read on the internet as gospel. research and make up your own outlets like to stir up controversy in order to sell ads and get clicks to their site. HTC have been around for a long time [edited].

also, updating the phone is not HTCs job, thats the job of the carrier as they have to add their own signature to the software. getting a nexus from google, for example, will make sure you get updates timely as there is no need for carrier mumbo jumbo to be added to the OS.

welcome. smoke over the reviews, do some research. you will see this is HTC's best phone yet!

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