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Originally Posted by PyroSporker View Post
I was hanging around The YouTube the other day and this video came up in the related videos. With the promise to magically "Turn Your HTC One Black" I had to click it even though I knew it was too good to be true, just to see what it was all about. | SmartSkins Store - HTC One
This Black skin set they preview actually looks like it is not that bad. With good looking cut and quality (not that I would ever use one).
I know its farfetched but maybe these skins might be a decent solution? A clear case being a good complementary product to prevent peeling?
Originally Posted by KOLIO View Post
As you mentioned,many would have opted for the black ONE if it were available on their carrier,& this appears to be a viable solution.

MANY THX for sharing this w/us,PyroSporker!

I went ahead & ordered the matte black one,about $13 (USD)

HTC One M7 Matt Matte Skin Wrap Cover Sticker Protector NOT CASE | eBay

ETA August 23-28,2013.
Originally Posted by PyroSporker View Post
Spendy little shipping VAT

This product is a sticker, they make that pretty clear in their description, so it will likely be quite different than, what I find to be hideous, wet apply "protecting products" like Zagg (Xtreme Guard, Ghost Armor, Skinomi, XO Skins, or bestskinsever, etc. etc. ad naseum)
Smart Skins will likely peel easier at the edges. You probably know this, just an FYI to others.
Originally Posted by KOLIO View Post
It's all good,I don't mind being the GUINEA PIG.....................

I'll post as soon as it arrives & an update a couple weeks later on the durability.
Crazy fast processing/shipping:5 DAYS TOTAL from U.K. to U.S.

The quality actually surpassed my expectations.The material is definitely more substantial than a sticker,but,just shy of a full-fledged body skin.

Applied properly/aligned,this skin/decal will look great.A steady hand is essential & a magnifying lamp is suggested to facilitate a quicker/straighter alignment/installation.(You can peel-off/remove & re-install as many times as necessary for a proper installation/application).

As for concerns regarding the edges peeling,just follow the mfgs recommendations/instructions (a blow dryer after applicaton to seal the edges) & those concerns shoud be put to rest.
The kit comes w/decals to cover virtually the entire phone:FRONT/BACK/EDGES,but,I believe I'll go w/keeping the backside covered & leave the rest alone.

HTC One M7 Matt Matte Skin Wrap Cover Sticker Protector NOT CASE | eBay
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