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Originally Posted by Hadron View Post
Surely backing up iPhone screen layouts is trivial because it's just what icons are on what screen, with no other customisation existing?
While that's true, I wasn't specifically talking about that. An iPhone backup (which takes one click) can be restored (with only about 2 or 3 clicks) onto another phone leaving it identical to the original. There isn't anything on Android that can do this.

I have an S4 and an iPhone 5 and i much prefer the S4 but there is nothing even 1/10 as good as iTunes when it comes to desktop interaction with the phone and I think that is a major drawback. My piano teacher (who is a technically capable lady in her 60s) recently asked me about an Android phone vs an iPhone and I didn't hesitate to recommend an iPhone solely for this reason. She has no desire to faff about with backups and syncing and doing both of those on Android is a giant faff and a huge pig's ear.
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