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Originally Posted by mistermojorizi View Post
it's not 48 hours of talk time, it's 48 hours of "average use." Regardless, your argument is that we only need enough battery to last 1 day, and not any more. Problem with that is how do you define 1 day of use (how long of a day, what kind of use)? How close to 0% battery life are you willing to get at the end of the day (i don't want the phone shutting off right before i put it on the charger)? Also, do you mean 1 day when the phone is new or 1 day when the phone is close to 2 years old and you're about to upgrade (because batteries degrade quite a bit after 1 year)?

See what i'm getting at? It's like the boyscouts, better to be prepared for various contingencies. I think that 2 days claimed battery of "average use" whatever that is, is probably the *minimum* you'd need to be prepared for just 1 long day (think 8 am for work till 2 am for partying), of frequent playing games, bluetooth, gps, navigation, towards the end of the phones lifecycle (when the battery has substantially degraded).

I mean, my gnex was enough for me for 1 day, most of the time. I don't think i ever saw 3 hours of screen time. I had to buy a new extended battery after 1 year. I had to always be keeping an eye on battery. Limiting full use of the phones features and towards the end of the day thinking about "can i afford the battery to do X?" and "do i really want to push it to 0% or save some juice for emergencies?"

With 60% of that usage time counted as screen off bluetooth music streaming.

I think the battery itself in the new maxx is big enough. Now we just need to work on power savings on the actual phones. Screen is where we need to work on getting the newest technology now.
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