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Morningafternoonevening all
Managed to get a sunday off work, so I am sitting here, drinking coffee and thinking about what I usually think about in the mornings. Cell phones

It seems to me that cell phone tech has reached a Plateau. It has matured, the market saturated and at one point I was actually doing my research on devices before buying them... this research was to see how hacker friendly they where. Was the bootloader unlockable, could I flash a custom rom, was root available etc. At a result, I never really used my devices. They where toys. Adult legos taken to the extreme, I guess. A way to stick it to the man by saying, I can modify my device because I bought it.

At first, this was fun, because even though I had say a Galaxy S3, and everyone else had one too, I could proudly say mine was different. "Custom software" I would often say, with a sly grin on my face. Most people could not give a rip less. But still, I had my phone running software only available through some dev that no one heard of.

And for what? Just to say I could do this!?

What started off as fun turned into a headache. Often, installing custom software caused issues. Random freezes, phone acting screwy, signal just stopped requiring a reboot or airplane mode toggle. After a bit, I finally opted to purchase mobile odin pro (great program by the way) and reflash the original factory image (since I lost the nandroid right off the bat when I first started to tinker with the note 2). At this point, I was done with custom roms on this device. I figured I would loose root, but I bought supersu to allow it to try to maintain root after update. I was surprised to see it actually worked on my note 2.

But anyway, the point is, I grew tired of babysitting my rooted device. Tired of tinkering with it, tired of it messing up when I needed it most. I decided to actually just.... use the device.

To think about things, I realize I was just buying devices to just tinker with them. I picked up the note 2 because I though I could run twitter and radarscope at the same time out of the box. I could not. I should have stopped and taken the device back right there, but I figured the devs would find a work around. And they did. With some software that acted wonky for me. And the aspect ratios of some programs made using multiwindow useless anyway.

So, what does this mean? I am sitting here with a note 2 right now, basically at stock, with just root (though I expect an eventually an update will break this, unless Chainfire updates the SuperSU app to work with 4.3, I heard it did not yet because of the way 4.3 is laid out.) At this point. I Suppose its all good.

I guess what I am trying to say (very longwindedly I may add), I have, rooted, used custom roms and came back to stock because I got tired of messing with things. I guess I have had my fun playing with the back end of things. Time to actually use the device.

Now that I have pulled back from the hacking, I have looked at a couple devices I am using and have started to think about things a bit more. From a usability stand point...

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