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Default Hellpp!! I need help asap!! Please. . .

So, last night while i was making a playlist in musicmax my phone suddenly froze and it became all black so i shut down my phone and when i turned it on my media scanning problem is back AGAIN (yes, my phone has a problem when it comes to media scanning and i idk why) it just keeps saying "media scanning files" for like half an hour so i unmount my sd card removed it and put it back again but still no effect. I tried almost all the methods i can use (since i dont want to reformat my sd card, i dont want to lose all my files) I tried this method of putting ".nomedia" and i was having a hesitation at first but i have no choice left. So I did that method and i unmount my sd card again put it back and left my phone media scanning since i was already sleepy, so this morning when i woke up i was happy to see that there was no media scaning anymore. But when I opened musicmax and my music player. . all i can see was the songs i recently added and they multiplied, and one thing i noticed is that they're back to their file names (i organised them, via iTag) so I tried to organized them again but it wouldn't change, still uknown artist and unknown album when i go back to iTag they're all complete. . the artist and the album section is filled up but it wont save and it affects the album cover (i have seperate app for that) and when i checked for my other songs. . they're still in the folder but they wont go to musicmax or music player . . And as far as i know its my fault because i think .nomedia only works on pictures/album cover but i added .nomedia on my "music" folder and iTag folder. . and one thing. . before i slept last night i remember transferring all the folders that i put ".nomedia" in my external sd card again bcos when i renamed them . . they automatically transferred into my internal sd card . . btw, i used ES file explorer ..

please help me on how to bring back my songs. .

please guys. . i need your help so bad . . I love music so much, and i dont know what to do anymore, i cant wait to listen to Lana's songs again


So I looked for the folders again (those folders which i put ".nomedia") and i realized that they went missing.. im having trouble finding them . . I think they were deleted or hidden. I want to unmount my sd card but im afraid it wont stop media scanning again. . Sigh. . I thought .nomedia would help me but i got into bigger problem instead. Please help me revive them please. . .
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