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Originally Posted by marctronixx View Post
the cable is a standard high speed HDMI cable. It simply transfers 1s and 0s.

do you power the mhl from a usb port or AC power? you will get different current ratings depending on which one you choose.

I am not sure if the one has MHL spec 1 or 2. if no one can provide that answer, perhaps ask HTC directly.

Nowadays with choromecast and medialink (wireless technologies), not many people are using MHL or even know what it is.

I can tell you this though, no matter which mhl spec this phone has, if you use the phone for other CPU intensive activities (web surf, etc.) at the same time you are viewing movies, you are certain to run out of power.

the phone will not allow much current to "keep up" with your activities, as you are asking for trouble... as in HEAT. heat damages the lithium ion cells and causes the cell environment to become unstable. if this occurs, the phone will cease to charge and you will be right back to square one.

bottom line, in my opinion (others will also chime in here as well), if you want to use mhl, try to keep other activities to a minimum.

You guys know I'm a nerd.

1. When I'm watching movies my phone is next to my tv set and I'm not using it at all. I ensured all apps are closed and brightness set to 0.

2. My MHL converter is being powered by the AC adapter that comes with the One. I even tried a different AC adapter that comes with the Kindle Fire. Still not meeting the demand for power.

3. If I was watching a movie strictly on the One, the original power adapter provides more than enough power to keep the phone going.

4. I read that MHL cables can't provide a high output of AC because of the AC power having to go through usb cable lines. Like the power cable that comes with the one is better for AC power. I have a 6 ft usb cable that can power my phone. That cable takes longer to charge my phone than the original power/usb cable that comes with the One.

5. So it's either the converter, MHL cable, or the phones. I tried my HTC EVO 3D and got the same results. I'm going to assume it's the converter or MHL cable.

6. I have a tv from 2002 and the converter works extremely well.
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