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Originally Posted by Tlicious1020 View Post
4. I read that MHL cables can't provide a high output of AC because of the AC power having to go through usb cable lines. Like the power cable that comes with the one is better for AC power. I have a 6 ft usb cable that can power my phone. That cable takes longer to charge my phone than the original power/usb cable that comes with the One.
The following won't help, but may be useful information in the future.

All charging is DC, not AC. High speed charging mode is often called AC charging because it's achieved when the data lines are shorted, as happens with a proper AC charger. That's done, as you've noted, by providing current above 500 mA.

I use the original HTC cable and a 6-footer from monoprice and note no noticeable difference in charging time. Resistance can be higher on the longer cable, but ought not be enough to have a material effect. A better cable will use a larger gauge (smaller number) cable.

PS - my MHL adapter with an HTC charger is enough to just barely maintain charge on an Evo 3D, usually it just slows the loss. Same hardware with with an Evo 4G LTE, running the same services, will charge the phone.

I doubt that HTC went backwards on the MHL chip from the LTEvo to the One. As you note, some software is poorly written.

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