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Here are some quotes I pulled off XDA. Pretty good stuff and in general I value the reviews of real users vs. blog writers who often have an agenda.

After a few days with the MAXX, and I still feel the same way. First time buying a phone, and not care about rooting it, or even switching launchers. Battery life is just mind blowing! I went from having a charger at home, my car, and at the office, to just having 1 charger at home now. The MAXX is a power house when it comes to battery life. Touchless Control is flawless, and very responsive. The phone is a keeper that'll keep a smile on my face for a long time coming.
I picked up the droid Max the day after launch. After one day I thought I would take it back for the Moto X. after five days, you'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands.

It's simply the best phone I've ever owned, the battery life is incredible, the screen is absolutely amazing, all of the software features are nothing like I've ever used before. This is the first phone where I don't feel like I need to run a custom ROM. I would love to have root access but I will never run a custom ROM.
Ditto to EVERYTHNG you said here.
I'm 99% happy with it. If we get root, I'm up to 100% It's not a deal breaker, though. This phone is a beast... and a good looking one at that.
I'm sure Moto X will get most of the love. But I'm keeping this Maxx no matter what.

I've been a modder on Android and a Tweaker on iDevices for quite a while now.

To be completely honest, this is the first device in a long time I,m in no rush for Dev support.

I'm an artist and a visual guy, the only thing I would want from root is to be able to have a theme
Overall, the vibe over there is very positive. That was the opposite from what I was expecting, as just about any locked up device is shunned in that community. Overall, I honestly think the Maxx may be the phone of the year, but because of the Droid branding and being exclusive to VZW, it won't get the recognition it deserves by the press.
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