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Originally Posted by Mr. Lucky View Post
To the OP: If VZW is anything like AT&T, you have to show them you are not afraid to take your business elsewhere. I had a mobile family plan with 4 lines (my wife and I + 2 kids), AWA two landlines with them. I had been complaining for years about 1-bar (or NO bar) reception at home, as had many of my neighbors. When the kids got married, we carried them for awhile and then dropped them (at the same time) from the family plan. AT&T inquired if there was anything they could do, but I didn't know about the extenders (AKA, microCell or femtocell) at the time. I just told them to fix their network or I was seriously considering Verizon or Sprint when our contract was up (I didn't bother mentioning that it wasn't a service protest, but new hubby was picking up the tab ). Shortly after, my broadband/TV provider offered a sweet deal for bundling my landlines (more services at less cost). So I switched immediately. Shortly after that, AT&T corporate sent me a letter acknowledging the issue, apologizing, and instructing me to take the letter to my local AT&T store and redeem it for a free microCell.

It's all about money and customerr retention… I can't believe that Verizon is any different in that regard.
Yeah, I know how the game is played. I spent some time on the phone with the customer retention department and they're now trying to make things happen to keep me as a customer. I didn't call to ask I called to tell. That is I called and said I wanted to cancel service and the next person I got was the most helpful person yet. Imagine that. I'll give them a few more days to see if they can make things happen or I really am returning everything to go elsewhere.
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