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Originally Posted by indybug View Post

I am not an IT expert. But everyone is always being told not to connect to unknown or strange WiFi networks. Why? Because anyone can set one up and gain access to any data coming across it or any data on your device. If you are at work, your IT guys can look at whatever information they want on your device probably due to company policy.You probably need to look into company policy or ask the IT personnel directly what rules govnern the company's WiFi network. If you don't want them looking on your phone, don't utilize their network. It's as simple as that in my opinion.

As a member in the Air Force, we have some people who don't access their bank or credit card accounts from government computers. They don't want our comm (short for communications, otherwise IT) personnel to see their passwords and sensitive information. We can be monitored at any time by comm because of utilizing a government computer while at work.
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