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Originally Posted by joesixpack View Post
I have owned a Nexus and I can't believe what I'm hearing (pun intended)!

Samsung "did this" because it's what the majority of people wanted. The reason the volume for notifications is separated from ringtone volume is because the Nexus volumes could not be separated unless you were running a custom ROM! And the reason your notification sound is too loud is because Zedge sounds are known for being louder!

Oh, yeah, and the reason your notification volume was "subtle" on your Nexus is BECAUSE THE VOLUME ON THAT PHONE SUCKED! Go to the GNex forum and you will lose count of all the people complaining about that !
Agree that the Gnex volume sucked, no argument there. But now that the S4 is SO MUCH louder, what point is there in using Zedge which I really like. I don't want to reprocess my familiar notifications/ringtones with a 3rd party app just so they can be played back at an acceptable level on my S4. Even some of the stock S4 notifications are too loud for a work environment (i.e. cubicle life). They should have made MORE than 7 volume preset levels, with Level 1 being barely audible.

Regarding the separation of volume control, Samsung should have chosen the middle ground and at least allowed an option to lock/unlock any or all volume settings. Whenever I get to work I now have to lower my ringtone volume with the rocker and then my notification volume with my fat finger on the config screen. A major PITA. How is this advantageous to S4 users? When I leave work I have to change both settings as well so I can hear them in a noisy environment. Why couldn't they have made custom volume profiles that can be saved as presets??? Really this is 2013, not 5 years ago. Am I really demanding too much?
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