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Originally Posted by itsallgood View Post
I have the all black and gray and white Outterbox Commuter case. They are both made in China and are well made. I had the same case for my Atrix 4G and one of the things I didn't like about it was that the silicone piece, over time, lost its shap and stretched out. (It felt to soft). Compared to my current case, the silicone piece is much stiffer and not as flimsy. (Big improvement over the one on my Atrix 4g). All the port cover fit tight and not flimsy. No peeling off of the paint around the camera. I only paid $30 each for my cases. One from Amazon and Best Buy.

So maybe you got a bad case or its because it was made in the US. I'm glade to see they have all the colors you mentioned.
I've got an Otterbox Commuter case in all black and I dislike it. The power button is WAY too difficult to press when you want to rubber piece doesn't fit too well. There is a spot on the top left and bottom left where the plastic piece bulges out awkwardly because of how the rubber corner 'bumpers' fit or don't fit as it were. In addition the plastic piece covers the charge port to where the Verizon charger w/the LED won't clear to plug it in. There should be a small half-circle notch on the top part of the cutout to clear this. If I was planning to keep the case I would make this modification quickly with a dremel and a sanding wheel but I think it's going back in favor of a Seidio Surface. I really like the idea of how easily they come off for replacing batteries and having a kick stand. FWIW, my mother and wife both have this case in different colors and they seem to fit a little bit better than mine but the other issues are still present.
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