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Originally Posted by mikedt View Post
Actually it can be sign that a hard drive might be about to die is running abnormally hot. I've actually had that happen as well. Hard drive was literally running too hot to touch it, and then next day it started clicking. And another had two identical drives, one drive was running noticeably hotter, and eventually it did start giving read errors.
I stand corrected, then.

... now that I think about it, I had problems with a particular series of drive in my HP laptop... I believe it was the Scorpio Blue series (Western Digital?). Anyway, the first drive failed, got it replaced under warranty, then the second on went almost immediately, and when the third drive went, I said to heel with it, took the loss and replaced the drive with a different manufacturer.

... maybe it was Seagate...

Yeah that third failure took out not only the laptop drive, but also my portable backup... I lost a year's worth of personal data in that one.
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