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Originally Posted by noirelion View Post
I have the Metro Galaxy S4 and a 64gb Sandisk ultra micro sd....
I got rooted and am using your recovery ( love the swiping ...)...
but I'm struggling between roms...
I want the wifi hotspot enabled... and my sdcard to both run on the same rom....
struggling with that... my sdcard is 64gb and using exFat? and I think everyone else is plain fat32.... is it a brick wall to keep using the new sdcard I have loaded with 50 gigs of stuff (loathe to wipe it and repartition-obviously...)....or is there something I can maybe do to make my own custom rom incorporating acceptance of exFat 64gb sdcards and having the wifi hotspot?
Some roms see my sdcard easily but most say its damaged or doesnt even register/mount....
I have looked for the hotspot as an apk but I'm a noob really and the ones i've dloaded dont work... and I dunno where to look in the system folder to find the whole working apk/stuff in roms that have working wifi hotspot...

You guys are busy doing hard stuff- I know..but could you throw a crumb to an old veteran who isn't that savvy ( and tired from doing doubles at my security guard gig-to make the rent... I just can't concentrate.)...
Pointer on the hotspot capability and whatever stuff I need to modify a rom already recognizing my sd card (4.2 JB roms) or aokp? pretty please.
Or maybe a quick rom with wifi hotspot capability -with exfat 64gb micro sdcard easily recognized?
Any help or tips would be warmly accepted.
most roms/kernels should be using exfat just fine. i know ktweakers kernel has exfat support at least. as far as hotspot goes youll have to refer to tmobile/metro folks on that one. as a word of warning though my recovery doesnt support exfat so youll be left out should you try to use it in recovery.

what branch were ya in?
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