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Default Help with Battery Drain

Hello All

I'm on UK 3 network, not rooted and version 4.2.2, software 2.24.771.3.

What I'm about to describe wasn't an issue before I updated to 4.2.2 but to make matters more confusing, the issue didn't start until 3/4 days after I updated the software.

Prior to update, overnight, the phone would be on Airplane mode, auto brightness, wi-fi & mobile data turned off and when I woke up (after 7hrs) phone would have lost 3/4%. Now, with the same setings, same length of time, I'm now losing 40-50% overnight!

I have done numerous factory resets, have deleted apps and even had my phone sent away to HTC repairs. Explained in meticulous detail to the HTC helpdesk what the issue was, I then get my phone back (After 9 days) with a note from HTC saying they have rigorouslyu tested the phone and can find no fault with it, aaaagggghhhhh!!!!!

Anyways, I'm loathed to send it back to HTC. I'm also getting close to my wits end as my phone is used a lot for streaming music from Soundcloud (my office lets me listen to music all day) and I'm lucky if I can go 4-5 hrs before I'm out of juice.

Power settings, History shows me getting 8hr 14m 31s on battery and Android system accounts for 89% of my usage, this is surely not right!

I've downloaded Wakelock detector but tbh I don't really know what I'm looking for here! It shows me that an app called SystemPanel was active 99 times but when I check this through the SystemPanel app, it tells me it's Average Consumption is 0.2%

Power save mode is on 24/7

If you guys need anything lse then ask away and thanks in advance for your help.

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