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Default WiFi Dropping Out When Phone Not In Use

I see several wifi threads but my issue isn't there so here goes.

Basically when I wake the phone I do not always see the wifi symbol. A second later, it appears, then connects. Trying to see if this is a problem or design behavior.

I have a Verizon HTC One, a week old (love it BTW) and an Asus RT-N66U router with firmware (not newest but I'm loathe to upgrade because of reported issues), WPA2-Personal encryption, 2.4ghz. Strong signal (small house).

"Keep WiFi on during sleep" is ENABLED and "WiFi Optimization on Battery" is ENABLED.

What I've done/changed...

- Assigned a static IP on the router
- Set WiFi Frequency Band to 2.4ghz

Problem still persists.

My only concern here really is battery life. I'm on wifi mostly to preserve the battery (and use less data, natch). I don't really care if this behavior does not impact battery life but I'm guessing it has to.

Thanks for any input,

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