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I started having the same issue yesterday. I woke up and my Google Services used 59% of the battery life after 8 hours. (I also noticed that Backup Assistant had synced overnight, which is odd because I thought I'd disable that bloatware.) My Google Play Store version is 4.3.11. And I just uninstalled all updates to Google Maps to see if that helps anything.

RE: Backdoc77's response below. As far as updating apps, I generally don't update any apps/bloatware that I don't use, but I may do it if if this doesn't straighten itself out.

EDIT: Just for the hell of it, I looked up the apps Backdoc77 mentioned below and I updated Samsung Push Service and Samsung Link. (In the description of Samsung Link, the dev mentioned something about the battery drain issue being fixed.)

Gonna throw the phone back on the charger and keep my fingers crossed for the rest of the day.

Originally Posted by backdoc77 View Post
Issue solved. Before bedtime I shut down my phone (which i don't normally do). In the morning I powered it on and a few programs showed as updated in the notifications window:

Samsung Push Service
Samsung WatchON
Samsung Link
Google Play Books

I don't know which one fixed it, but now my phone as back to normal.
Thanks everyone.
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