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Originally Posted by Sydney99 View Post
Don't put yourself down, your not that old compared to great uncle ironass
I dunno about that Syd. After relieving my mother in law from my nine and four year old after nine hours at work, doing tea, putting them to bed and cleaning up after so the missus can come home to a clean and tidy house I sometimes feel 104 !

Right back on topic. I did a dirty flash on top of my odexed but rooted Vodafone stock firmware. I flashed DjeMBeY's latest release :

I9505XXUBMH1-PRE-ROOTED-ODEX-FULL with Odin (the Odin md5 one I had to extract)

Flashed Philz CWM recovery using Odin. Then Flashed this from the same section of DjeMBey's XDA thread via CWM :

Rebooted fine, email app FCed. Cleared its data and resetup. All fine and dandy, but nothing has gone (in the way of bloat ware) which is fine for me, but it is not right is it ? Probably because of my dirty flash.

I've left it here before I flash the 3minit framework for MH1 and (probably) bork my SGS4 again. I must add it is not Ironass' fault I'm confused it's DjeMBey's thread on XDA, not his fault really, most people get it, but not me.
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