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Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
did you read this?

what that statement means,is "yes. s off is impossible if youve accepted either the OTA or run the RUU, and have updated to 1.27.531.11"

your stuck with s on until another exploit is found.

the first rule of rooting,is always take advantage of exploits when they pop up. they tend to get patched quickly.

a good rule with htc is never accept an ota or run a new ruu(leaked or official) while s on. the tighter security gets,the harder it is to crack.
The last two nights I'd been up until 3 AM trying to fix this stupid phone, so I'll let a few grammatical errors go...

I just bought the phone a couple of days ago, so it may have already had the patch on it, and also been impossible to s-off anyways. Oh well. When I did reflash the ruu the numbers matched, so that makes me believe it was already there.

Ok, well I guess it's time to go ROM hunting. I hate flashing and reflashing just to find the ROM I want, so it'll be a lot of reading to find exactly what I want. Thanks for the help.

BTW, was it you the wrote the instructions on how to RUU on the other thread? I'm not sure if this is always important, but I couldn't get it to work until the boatloader was relocked. So, you may want to add that to your instructions. Just a thought, again, thanks.
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