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Originally Posted by dynomot View Post
Finally got around to doing this. While your guide is fine Ironass for most people (the posts here are evidence of that) I share Rudedawg's confusion.

Eventually I bit the bullet. Did a dirty flash of MH1 over stock but rooted, odexed Vodafone ROM, with Odin, flashed Philz CWM with Odin. Then flashed the deodexed framework from the same post on XDA with CWM.

Now here is where I got confused (it isn't hard to confuse me, but it rarely lasts long) I still had all the bloat ware I had before. I presume this is because I didn't do any wipes whatsoever. Checked for root and busy box - OK. Did a Nandroid. Then flashed the 3minit framework and redownloaded the UI from the Play store. Happy days only email (stock app) didn't want to play. Deleted it's data and reset up my email. All working present and correct. Just trawled Titanium to freeze a few apps. So far so good.
Did you sign into your google account when you started the phone? Because some of the bloat removed from the rom are actually on my Google play account saved . So that installed the anyway. the sammy apps had gone (mostly).
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