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Originally Posted by gloriousnumber1 View Post
So what's the point of a ("security") lock screen? What I mean is, if I lose my phone but have a password or pin set up , can't someone just hack into my phone with a cable and computer?

Exactly what is accessible on my phone when I have a "secure" lock screen set up? I find it laughable if significant others or random people are supposed to be unable to break into an android phone because of a lock screen.

Smart people - this is your time to show me how stupid and uniformed I am.
I use an eight dight pin code for my S4. I have a lot of personal documents, passcodes, pictures, other people's contact info., etc. Stored on my phone. So having it locked down is a must. Not to mention having access to my personal emails and social networking.

If I was to lose or had my phone stolen, I can wipe both the internal memory and SD card.

With the theft of smart phones at an all time high, it would be a good idea to have some type of security code enabled. My cellphone is just as important, if not more, then my wallet.
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