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I just smashed my HTC One X, and my boss gave me an S4 (Awesome to the max).

No doubt the S4 is a much greater phone. Better screen, faster and more responsive, weight is noticeably less, it is thinner and on and on goes the list of improvements. I am loving the hardware.

However.... I am missing a number of important things, that was build in to the HTC by default.
  • In the full screen calendar widget I can't scroll from month to month by sliding up and down, I have to click the small annoying arrows from side to side. What is strange is that the SMS widget and Email widget can scroll up and down, but for some reason not the calendar widet.
  • How and where can I change the click sound for the dialpad (for when making calls), keypad (for when sending sms and mail) and screen touch sounds? I don't want to turn them off I wan't to change them. How can this be so difficult? Did they really imagine that the Blurb Blurb sound was what the majority wants? This is baffling to me. I can only turn it on and off but not change it.
  • 2 unlock sounds/effects. Really? What, did you run out creativity? I wan't a "click" like sound when I unlock my phone, not a loud annoying "wriiing" or the bubbles from hell. I don't care about the "effect" but only 2 sounds, and they both suck...?

  • Popular contacts on lock screen. On the HTC there is a feature where it automatically takes your most used contacts and place them on your lock screen. Then when you wan't to call one, you just drag that face in to the circle and it calls that person directly. This is very useful and a massive time saver. Despite the million smart things it does, most of the time I take out my phone, it's to make a call.

If anyone can help with advice on how to fix the above problems, it would be greatly appreciated.

- Koldtoft

My S4 verison is the GT-I9505
Android 4.2.2
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