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Originally Posted by gloriousnumber1 View Post

A lady in a large electronics store told me they know how to bypass pattern locks on display phones that customers mess with, so I figure it's possible with any lock. Also people I know with fruit phones say it's easy to hack into them with a cable and computer. All of this promoted me to ask this.
Originally Posted by jdCaptivate View Post
You thought some lady in an electronic stores gave you a "smart answer", too much for us dummies?

Sorry, but your original post comes off, as condescending and ridiculous considering HOW/WHY pattern locks are so easy to break, had the phone expert in the store stopped to think (or been nice enough to tell you why).

Want to know why?

Rub your finger across your screen in a certain pattern, many times. Hell, once will probably work. Then hold your screen at an angle to the light (with the screen dark, makes it easier), until you can see the exact trace of your finger. Now pull up, the screen "pattern" lock (you think the smart lady at the electronics store, would notice "pattern", is a kind of theme here?)

You've just figured out, how to "hack", or break into, Android.

No offense meant to you... but I haven't any patience for stupidity... and the woman in the electronics store, gave you a really stupid answer, not providing you the WHY. If she even knows herself. She probably overheard someone say it. Go back and ask her, if she knows why a "pattern", or a repetitive act, might be easy to duplicate/mimic?
The reason why any employee working at a store where they sell cell phones that are not dummy phones can get into a phone that a customer has set any type of lock on; the phone itself is a display model. Since it's specifically for display, there's measures built in that allow them to unlock the phone when a customer is dumb enough to set a lock thinking that the employees cannot reset the security.

So yes, the lady at the electronic store that told gloriousnumber1 that she could get past the security was indeed telling the truth... about the none dummy display phones.
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