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Originally Posted by Petrah View Post
The reason why any employee working at a store where they sell cell phones that are not dummy phones can get into a phone that a customer has set any type of lock on; the phone itself is a display model. Since it's specifically for display, there's measures built in that allow them to unlock the phone when a customer is dumb enough to set a lock thinking that the employees cannot reset the security.

So yes, the lady at the electronic store that told gloriousnumber1 that she could get past the security was indeed telling the truth... about the none dummy display phones.
Why would the store employee tell a customer, that security on their dummy phones... the trace/PATTERN lock, is easy to crack (on the dummy phones)? Who cares and what relevance does it have to the real world phones?

This isn't the first time you've heard, this security concern, is it? Why do you think "pattern" isn't listed under HIGH security on the phone?

I've owned the Galaxy line since the Captivate (though any touch screen is subject to it)... and the first thing my son did, when he came home on leave, one time, was say... "hey, check this out"... held my phone up and there was a perfect trace, reflected in the light. Oh... and I'm anal about wiping down the screen to. Keep a cloth on/with me, all the time. Problem is, this thing called "wear" and some say "tear"... but you eventually wear that pattern into more than fingerprint oil.

Go ahead and Google, why the pattern lock is pretty weak security. I won't be the only one to bring it up. Heck, I bet if he goes back and asks her why the pattern lock is so easy to crack, she either doesn't know why... or will tell him the exact same thing I did. You can do it yourself. Next time you're in a phone store, ask them, if the pattern lock is really secure. Count how many stupid, or correct answers you get... and not a single response will have anything to do, with the display phones.

P.S. Most people working in the large electronics stores, don't know Jack about what they're talking about. Sure they receive some training on the phones... but I can count on two fingers, the number of them that has ever rooted, flashed, etc... their phones and/or has any idea the things I ask them, when I come in.
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