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I have an app installed which keeps rack of both wifi and mobile data (the android app doesn't give any stats for wifi).
That's so strange. My one list every single app, pages of it. Even an app that used 5kb of wifi bandwidth:

The 24-hour period in question shows 0.8 Gb between 1-2pm and 3.0 GB between 4-5pm and no other wifi usage of significance on that day, and no mobile data.

Despite 3.8 GB having been recorded as entering or leaving my phone via wifi, there is no evidence of this data on the ISP's logs - hence the inference that it was between 1 S4 and the other. The apps shown as using this data are OS services (3.17GB) and DirectShareManager (600 MB)
That's some really odd behavior, which I have never seen before. First of all, the devices never interact with each other for no reason. You must do paring via Beam or Wifi Direct, but even tho, these connections do not remain active if the phone idle. I have right now 4 galaxies at home, two S4, S3 and Note 2. Never seen anything like that happening. You guys must have some kind of app that keep you connected, that's certainly does not sound like stock OS behavior. I can't imagine imagine what kind of connection and what data would possibly be traffic across devices on their own. Makes little sense as there is nothing to communicate about, beside straight up photos, video or chat.
Sorry, I can't be of more help.
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