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Originally Posted by Petrah View Post
That's not what the OP said. There is a huge difference between cracking the security on the lockscreen and having special codes specifically for unlocking a device model.

I merely gave the reason why the employee can easily reset the phone after a customer thought they would be smooth by locking it.

It matters not why the employee said it because it has no relevance to the thread topic. Perhaps we should stay on topic to prevent a Mod from locking the thread.
OK.... and I merely told people why the pattern lock, isn't secure, why it isn't secure and how to know. Which was good, because it appears some people were unaware.

All on-topic, because we're talking about the security of the phone. Who cares about store display models... which was the follow-up, explanation. She said the store display phones, the customers mess with. None of us is walking around with one, so it doesn't matter. We went off-topic from that point, discussing something none of us has.

P.S. They don't give big electronic store salespeople, special codes, techniques to break into our phones. Not without your permission, at least.

Originally Posted by gloriousnumber1 View Post
OK, I'm sorry for creating drama. My intention is to learn, and I have definitely done that. However, the fallout here was never intended.
No drama here. I just don't beat around the bush, some might take that the wrong way. No offense taken, meant.
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