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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
For that, the only phone that I never really experienced issues was Motorola. I've experienced similar things with HTC and Samsung.
Ironically enough, I never had an issue with HTC but when it was time to upgrade from the EVO and saw how they messed up (as per owners and reviews) I went with Motorola Photon and although I loved that phone mainly for the lapdock it wasn't as great as with the first Note, which I left Sprint (one of my lines) to get it on AT&T. I had Samsung eons ago and with the Note I was awestruck. When the Note 2 came out I stuck with them. This Note 3 is very very temping. Combine it with the Gear and the Sony QX100 and I think I will be in nirvana. (Until next months newest gadget) lol

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