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Originally Posted by twospirits View Post
Ironically enough, I never had an issue with HTC but when it was time to upgrade from the EVO and saw how they messed up (as per owners and reviews) I went with Motorola Photon and although I loved that phone mainly for the lapdock it wasn't as great as with the first Note, which I left Sprint (one of my lines) to get it on AT&T. I had Samsung eons ago and with the Note I was awestruck. When the Note 2 came out I stuck with them. This Note 3 is very very temping. Combine it with the Gear and the Sony QX100 and I think I will be in nirvana. (Until next months newest gadget) lol

Realy, TS? The Photon had the best radios I've ever experienced, even with the Note 2. Wifi signal was stronger and phone held signal stronger. Not that the Note 2 is bad at all, because obviously it has sold me on how much Samsung has improved, but in comparing the Epic, EVO, and the Photon, all of which were used by me or family members, the Photon just killed all of them with radio signal/connectivity.

Only thing I'm waiting on is confirmation if a 64 will be available on Sprint, but I'm leaning towards upgrading to the Note 3 more now than I was even 1 week ago. I may end up waiting until there's a killer deal during the holidays, but I never thought I'd even be considering it, just because I'm still loving the Note 2 experience.
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