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Well, I got the protector today and tried installing it. It was a total PITA! Not sure if it was sitting in their stock for awhile but the protective film on it was literally glued to the adhesive. It did not come off easily and took quite a bit of force just to remove it. And of course, it slips out of my hand while handling and falls on the table. Adhesive side down, but angled. Still enough to attract the dust and fur floating around.

Scotch tape! Unfortunately, I was also pressed for time and had to do a rush job install. Couldn't get all the specks out and have quite a number under the glass protector. Had 2 large air pockets on the left side of the screen. But it slowly went away after a few hours.

Some of the edges have not adhered and do show some minute bubbling. Hopefully it will resolve or not cause issues. The dust specks under the screen are not noticeable even with the screen on unless you are looking hard for them (which is what I was doing). Flashlight shining on the screen at an angle, then having a the screen backlit pure white at the highest setting.

Definitely a nice protector. But Spigen had a way better method of installation and application. I'm tempted to pry it off again and try again, but not too inclined. It's okay the way it is and the specks are not noticeable and don't bother me. A little off on the install but again, not real bothersome to me.

Edit: Just a shot of my work. Still an amateur with tempered glass protectors...
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