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Originally Posted by Hadron View Post
Proprietary functionality was to be expected with Samsung, I'm afraid.

But my first response to the Galaxy Gear is "not ready for market" - big, ugly, lousy compatibility, laughable battery life. I know Samsung have money to burn, but I find this hard to take as a serious product. To me this seems to be an attempt to be on the market before the other big players, but why? Samsung of all companies know that it's not the first to market that usually wins.
Pretty much exactly what I came here to post. An excellent idea but poorly implemented. The battery life is just ridiculous. I would expect a smartwatch to last for a few days at least. I realise this is all down to battery size versus watch size and I accept there will have to be a trade-off between the two.

It looks fugly too. I applaud the idea of being able to use it for video calls and to take photos but they are the only plus points that have come out of the limited info on this device so far.
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