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Below is a copy of my transcript with Verizon chat. Sounds like they'll let me back in to unlimited if I need to return it. Sweet!


Your RealTime session ID is RT27185617588.
You are now chatting with 'Christina'
You: James

Christina: Hi! My name is Christina with the Verizon Wireless Sales Team. I am available to answer your questions and help you place an order. May I have your name, please?

me: James
Christina: Hey James! How may I assist you today?

me: I'm looking to preorder the Note 3 tomorrow when it's available and I have a few questions regarding the process...

Christina: I'd be happy to answer any questions you have today!

me: I'm currently grandfathered with unlimited and would prefer to stay this way, so i realize my only way to keep it is to buy the phone outright, correct?

Christina: That is correct.

me: If buying outright can I return it with the normal 14 day window?

Christina: You can return it in those 14 days.

me: Awesome. Next question...

Christina: What is your next one?

me: I am tempted at jumping on the deal you have for people like me to get the 6gb Edge plan for $30, is that going to be available when preordering too?

me: Or am I simply reserving the phone tomorrow and then when it's delivered I'll have to make a decision on plans, etc?

Christina: The Edge program will be eligible, and that 6GB for $30 is only available when you do Edge. Those will both be available when you preorder.

me: So assuming I end up doing the edge program tomorrow at preorder time, if I have to return it do I go back to my unlimited plan as I was before?

Christina: You will be able to go back as long as you return the device in 14 days.

me: Awesome, so just to recap. If I buy the phone tomorrow with the Edge 6gb plan and decide to return it within 14 days of receiving it I'll be reinstated with my grandfathered unlimited plan?

Christina: Yes, that is correct!

me: Beautiful. Thanks! Will any of this affect my wife who I share a family plan with? Or does the 6gb plan basically replace my portion of the unlimited?

Christina: Your calling plan will not change, only your data. Hers will stay the exact same as it is now.

me: I believe you've answered all my questions, thanks!

Christina: Can I help you with anything else today?

me: Do you happen to have preorder link?

Christina: I have no information about that phone yet, so I do not.

me: gotcha

Christina: What else can I do for you?

me: That'll do it

Christina: Thank you for visiting Verizon Wireless; I'm glad I was able to help you today! At the end of this chat there is an opportunity for you to provide your feedback based on your experience with me today and to receive a copy of the chat. We would very much appreciate your thoughts.
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