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Originally Posted by Harry2 View Post
Honestly, I don't know if the CPU's temperature is directly reachable for the OS. The CPU might monitoring its temperature by its own and acting to control it too, not needing the OS for this job.

The OS can read the battery's temperature for to take care of the battery.
So if the battery's temperature rising up -caused by CPU's heat and ambient temperature and its own warming- the phone's/battery's control takes action for to protect the battery.
If the battery's temperature rises above 45C (113F) while charging, the control will shut down charging until the battery will meet the allowed temperature range for charging ... the charging LED might flashing red&green for to indicates that.
Discharging now, the battery should be safe because it would be below its discharging temperature limit of 60C (140F).
But if the battery's temperature would increase further and rises above the battery's discharging temperature limit of 60C (140F), the phone should shut off (restarts).

As said before, the area near the CPU could have higher temperatures caused by the CPU's heat.
Actual phones' CPUs have temperature limits up to 90C (194F).

BTW, another question is the battery's life span which will be reduced by high temperatures.

Harry and everyone, thank you so much for explaining and trying to help me out with this issue. This isn't the only problem I've been having with this device so I'm wondering if it's just plain faulty. I have sort of an "advantage" so to speak, because i have 2 brothers who also have S4's. So i have a standard to measure by. I've messed around with both their phones and neither of them are having this issue. Do their phones get warm, yes, but not nearly to the extent of mine.
I've been thinking about trying to get a new device, but I'm with Verizon and i def dont want a refurb... I mean as i said, the device is barely two months old... Like the dumbass that i am tho, i rooted.
So I'm not sure what I'm gonna do yet.

Harry i will def look into that app. Thank you.
If anyone has any more input, im all ears.
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