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I now know how the great Leonardo da Vinci must have felt after his designs for a flying machine.

1. I put forward a perfectly reasonable idea to save multiple downloads and also ensure that users always have the latest versions of the dev's scripts. See post #13.

2. There are then those who are far sighted enough to welcome this idea. See post #14.

3. I am also met with opposition and detailed cries of, "It will never work!" See post #15.

4. Not to mention the ridicule from the great, unwashed, masses. See posts #16, #17, #18 and #19.

5. Then there is the dawning realisation and acknowledgement that the original idea was in fact a stroke of pure genius and should be acted upon. See amendment to post #1.

6. I am perfectly willing, on behalf of the dev; to pen a new, detailed, Dummies Guide, wholly and solely for the downloading and installation of the new, "GS4 Wipe Scripts bundle".

However, to precis it... "You may not be qualified to own a, "smart", phone!"

(Written tongue-in-cheek and does not refer to anyone, living, dead, comatose or drunk. )
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