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Originally Posted by Rxpert83 View Post
Thats the thing though, I'm hoping theres no "GSM" version and no "Sprint" version. Just one phone available through google play

I'm sure I'll be disappointed, but that would be awesome if google could get that done.
If they could maintain one phone even with the CDMA radio, that would be a major improvement as far as consumers go.

Originally Posted by jkc120 View Post
I have an S4 and luckily got it early so it's rooted and loki still works so I can run AOKP.

However, I'm still missing that pure Nexus feel.

So, it's quite simple for me. I'll be ditching Verizon and moving to AT&T who has great LTE coverage at my house (better than Verizon!) and at work (again, way better than Verizon).

Unfortunately my wife's phone is in contract until Jan 2014.

Does anyone know if you can leave only ONE line on a grandfathered Verizon 700 minute family share plan with unlimited text/data? If so, I may go early and then when her contract expires change my AT&T account to a family share plan and get her a subsidized iPhone 6.
I know when I ported my numbers out from Verizon to Google Voice and still have one line on the plan, I was still stuck on my family plan. So based on that, I think you might get what you want.
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