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Originally Posted by iowabowtech View Post
True but I'm not sure many people would go down that road again. So in the unlikely event that it came to vzw, I think the rules would have to change. Does that make it even LESS likely to happen? Maybe.

Bottom line, there's always the G2. It should land on VZW/Sprint as LG's flagship.
Yeah but who has $600-$700 to pay for a phone that will last 1-2 years max. That's quite an amount to spend for such a short lived item.

I'd be willing to put $300 into a Nexus 5 and sell it a year from now for $200.

If only Tmobile would upgrade all of their 2g and 3g hspa to hspa+ and or lte I think I'd be happy enough to move onto their plans with only 5GB of data for $30 a month, but 2g and 3g data are just unusable.
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